Don't disappoint me.

I miss: 
my best friends. All of them.

I know you are all having a blast at BYU.. but it's time to come home, okay? I'll be expecting you shortly. Don't disappoint me, please and thank you.

It is strange to not hang out with you every day? .. but.... it's not really time to come home.. so I'm not expecting you shortly.. so you can't really disappoint me. I guess you are off the hook.

But as for the rest of you girls..? Not so much..

photo by Trisha


  1. You girls are beautiful!! I love that you are all wearing different color in this!! :) oh, by-the-way, you girls are beautiful.

  2. I want to see all of us together playing games, watching movies, and cruising soon! Time to all tell stories and have a sleep over in Jane's ginormous bed! haha


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