I got sunshine on a cloudy day.

Guess what friends? 
My sister and brother in-law are taking me to the sunshine state. Just try and guess how happy I am about it?

You're wrong. 
I'm happier, by at least 150%.

Florida is my favorite place to visit. It is called the sunshine state for a reason you know. 
Here are some facts about Florida and myself:

: We met when I was fourteen
: I have been there every year since, minus when I was fifteen.
: One time my friend and I walked down Atlantic Ave at Daytona beach with a 2lb bag of jolly ranchers.
: I will most definitely run through the Epcot Center like a mad woman if it means being able to make the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom
: Dole Whips = True Love
: Lulu Lemon Outlet <3
: One time I got on a "cruise ship" in Florida. Ha. 
: Our GPS is not a fan of the exits off the freeway in Orlando
: My eyes well up with tears during the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom
: If anyone tries to tell me that a vacation in Hawaii or Mexico is better, I get defensive.. very defensive
: The reason this is the best place to go on vacation is because it has the perfect beach/amusement park/shopping ratio. 
: One time I was in Florida with just my parents
: Yes.. my senior year during spring break I left all of my friends and my boyfriend and went to Florida for a week with just my parents. Talk about serious dedication.
: When I was with my parents, I woke up every day at ten, and sat in the sun until about three or four pm, usually all by myself. Best week ever.
: Not much in the world makes me happier than the feeling of the suffocating humidity when stepping off the plane.
: I know my way around the Orlando airport better than the average person. I could probably repeat the announcement about liquids and gels back to you word for word.
: I have suffered from terrible heat stroke due to my excessive sunbathing.. but for some reason, return right back to my chair the morning after throwing up all night.
: I will admit, Space Mountain and Pirates are both better in Anaheim, but the Orlando castle OWNS the rest of the Disneyland castles around the world.
: Clearwater Beach is beautiful
: The smell of mould in the Orlando airport doesn't even gross me out.
: I have never been to the Siesta Keys, but this is the year. =)
: Harry.Potter.World. nuff said.
: Duelling Dragons from Universal's Islands of Adventure is the best roller coaster ever created, followed closely by the Expedition Everest from the Animal Kingdom.
: Palm trees 
: The Daytona 500 track is so legit. Go see it. Right now.

Enough of this post. I could write an entire book on Florida.

52 days my friends. That is all.

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  1. member our perfect condo we had in florida? and when nic ate so much sea food he threw up? and playing the game when we couldn't stop the van at stop lights so we would go super slow? and signing at disney world? and singing in the mall? (hahah) and our pictures of us at the beach? pure love.


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