My best friend is leaving me for two years. I'm not mad or anything.

It's true. Cody is leaving on Tuesday! Do you want to know how much I am going to miss him? Yeah. I'm not going to tell you that. Do you know how excited I am for him to start this part of his life? Yeah. I'm not going to tell you that either. (For the record, I'm really going to miss him, and I'm really excited for him.) Enough. Instead, I am going to explain WHY I am going to miss him, and WHY I am so excited. So be prepared to be reading a whole lot about this boy I call my best friend.

Dear Cody. I am going to miss you because:
You have the best laugh. and no, not that sarcastic one..(I will miss that too, by the way..) but that real laugh that only comes out every once in a while.
You are the best/worst driver in the world and even though you have scared me half to death with your maniac driving skills more often then not, it was fun and you didn't ever kill either of us.
You are so pouty. So many people would probably think this is annoying, but it just makes me laugh to be honest. Yep, you have the worst temper in the whole universe I'm pretty sure, but I know you well enough to know juusst how to make you smile. And I'm going to miss that bad attitude of yours, because honestly, it humours me more than anything. =)
You always bought me the best gifts. 
You are spontaneous. Maybe I am more spontaneous than you are somedays, but you definitely gave your share of spontaneous ideas throughout the past year. Like. The trip to Walmart, then Toyota Dealership? Or the time you came with me to the happiest place in the world? Wendy's runs in the middle of the night?
You are the only person who has ever successfully invented a teleporting device. No one else knows how to use it either! What a shame.
Who am I going to chauffeur around now? Ever since the Saturn died, I have just become your taxi driver, and I have just been okay with that. I have no problem driving you to Moore's to buy some new dress pants, or to your Elder's Quorum president's house to look at a gun for twenty minutes, or to check the mail, or to get your skates sharpened, or to your hockey game.. etc. I actually enjoy it.. especially because you usually end up driving anyway. What the heck am I going to do to pass the time now?
Speaking of the saturn... I'm going to just miss that car. I know it's been dead for a while now, but seriously. May that car rest in peace. :(
You make the best perogies, ever. Even better then my dad, and that's saying something.
You can't sit still through an entire movie... and to be honest, I can't either. Who else is going to be wiling to quit halfway through an action-packed movie to run to Winks or the Blue Goose for treats? 
I'm probably going to even miss the unmentionables.. which I will leave as unmentionables to save you from embarrassment.. 
I'll miss you because sometimes you would come and tap on my window in the middle of the night just to chat. I liked that.
I'll probably really miss being able to just be myself completely around someone. I know it is so cliché to say that I can be around you in my sweats with no makeup on and feel beautiful, but seriously. It's like that. Of course.. I'd rather have clean hair and a nice looking face, but I like the fact that it isn't the main concern. You genuinely just like being around me as a person, and I am going to miss feeling like I don't need to impress someone. Sure, I have other friends and I don't have to "impress" them, but there is just something different. 
Who is going to bench press me?

please [don't] note my greasy hair and pajamas
photo: Carson Foggin

I need to stop here, because this is getting too long and I still have to write all the reasons I am excited for you.

Dear Cody. I am so excited for you because:
You get to spend two years of your life, teaching people in Puerto Rico.
You get to be in the sunshine.. away from the snow and wind of SoAb.
You have worked so hard for this time in your life, and you deserve for the time to have come.
There really isn't anywhere else in the world you need to be right now, so please just enjoy the next two years for all they are worth. I know you will.. I'm just excited for you.
You get to learn so much about other people, and about yourself.
Seriously, can we just stop and think about how blessed you are going to be because of this? 
You want this, so I want this.
You really need to just go and get there because if you pack your suitcase one more time I might have a breakdown for you... ;)
It's time to stop biting your nails.. and I think you leaving is the only way to fix it.
You are going to receive possibly the best care packages ever, from your "best" friend (being me) and your "girlfriend". (no names please). Lucky you. I mean, I know lots of boys leave a girlfriend behind, or a best friend behind.. but look at you. You went and got yourself one of each. ha.. ha.(this may or may not be somewhat of a joke..emphasis on the may not)
You are going to have the best experiences, and you are going to remember them forever, even though your memory got lost when you got your wisdom teeth out. I have a feeling these ones will stay in your mind.
You are going to experience the most joy you have experienced thus far in life.. I am certain. Of course I am excited for you!
You officially have the comfiest blanket ever.. I'd be excited to get to use it too.
I really can't explain a few reasons I am excited for you. I simply don't know how. I just can't wait. Something great is coming your way, and I can't wait for you to find out what it is.
You know what else? I am excited for you to miss me, and I am even excited to miss you.

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