no longer strangers

Is it strange to feel that I feel somewhat connected to people who are complete strangers?
I love me a good blog friend. 

 I have never actually met any of these girls, but they have all occasionally commented on my blog and changed my life from day to day. They don't really know me personally, but through their blogs and my own, they have encouraged me and comforted me often. Their words are always inspiring.

 Josabet has been an avid follower for quite some time. She leaves me the most thoughtful comments and always seems to understand just what I am trying to say. I feel the same way when I read her blog. I genuinely feel upset when I find out she is having a bad day. Call me crazy, but it happens. She wrote the greatest post yesterday called A Better Me. It was truly inspiring. This is a little part of it..

"Sometimes the solutions to what seem to be the biggest problems, are lying there in our hands.. It's just a matter of if you choose to do something with them."

I was actually very inspired by this. She is so right. Solutions are right there, always. Thought I'd share what she had to say. Thanks, Josabet.

 Becky grew up close to the same town as me, but we never met. She posted this a while back. It honestly touched me that particular day, and I was so grateful she posted it. This sort of thing is so often a bigger deal than so many people realize, and I am so happy she posted this. I hope every girl, (and boy?) takes a look at it, and feels beautiful like I did.

I have just recently come in contact with Lindsey, but I have already felt uplifted as I have briefly scanned through her posts and. Without ever speaking to her or knowing her, I was intrigued by what she had to say. I wonder about the challenges she has possibly faced, and how she has over come them with such a positive outlook. I really don't know anything about her, other then the fact that she has faith, Faith in a better tomorrow, faith in love, and faith in people, and I like that.

There have been many other people that I have come into contact via blogging, but these three have stood out lately. Sometimes something you have to say is just exactly the thing that someone else needs to hear.
I think I'll keep this up.


  1. Awe :) I love this! You're so sweet. I won't burden you with the "story of my life" just yet lol but I can assure you that there have been some rough days. I just really love to help people.. I love to know that I made someone's day better and that I can just be here to help. I am grateful for your posts as well & I hope that if you ever need anything you'll let me know! :)

  2. I love blog friends too! I'm in the midst of a "break-up" because one of my good blogger friends quit her blog :(


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