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Okay. Because of the fact that tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I am quite certain nothing fabulous will happen, I am going to post what I posted last year about Valentine's day. I had a blog last year that was not available for all public to see. I still have all my old posts, and I just went to read what I wrote. It brought a smile to my face...

Tuesday February 16, 2010


Valentines Day. These two words have often brought so much dread to the deepest part of my stomach. Let's just say my entire life, this has been a much awaited holiday with a complete let down each year. (Actually that is a big of an exaggeration. Last year wasn't entirely terrible, but it was spent with a boy that, well, we just never clicked.) I have learned to be fine with this sort of Valentine's Day. Really I've become accustomed to kinda forgetting it exists. I have kind of come to the point where I see February 14th on a calendar and perhaps just cover it in white-out. It has always been bad luck. This year, I planned on driving the entire day home from a lovely little trip with some friends, and then perhaps clean my room and go to sleep. Needless to say,  everything lately in the life of Jane has been going significantly differently. Life, which is usually plain has turned into.. special. My life, which had become so unfortunately predictable.., is.. well.. unpredictable. Everything fell into place on Valentine's Day!!.. Things that shouldn't have fallen into place.. and set me up for such a perfect night! First off, I received the most darling perfect gift ever... big smile! Anyone who has read my recent posts will know that I has fallen in love with the color yellow! .. and perhaps the boy who has introduced me to it? Much to my surprise.. for even having a valentine in the first place,.. and receiving a gift on Valentines day.. it was the perfect gift accompanied by the perfect night! (haha :) ) I received the most beautiful yellow rose ever. Yellow. It was perfect! And of course nothing beats a box of Lindor chocolates.. mmmmm... how completely satisfying. What a perfect boy that has come into my life an brought such a smile to my face. He is much too good to me... I hope someday  I can actually be that good to him. I am trying though.  The timing was incredible and terrible. ANYWAY...  I hope everyone gets to have a perfect Valentine's Day some day! I know my friends call Valentine's Day.. "Single Awareness Day". I've often agreed. No.. it really isn't. I suppose it could be, but its a choice. Valentine's Day is just..... yes, a very commercialized holiday.. but invented to remind everyone to .. remember to be happy... because its just that important!

 Well. I like to think my writing has improved since then.. but that is besides the point. I think I had a good point. Even if now I want to kick myself for saying everyone needs to just remember to be happy on Valentine's Day.. I guess it was sort of good to hear. Plus I am still lucky enough to be apart of that particular boy's life.. and that alone is enough to keep a smile on my face. I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day, with or without a Valentine. 

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