but you'll be in my dreams tonight.

One of the reasons I love my job so much is because I am required to spend a lot of the day in the vehicle. You know what this means? Country Top 40 Countdown every Saturday morning.  I have mentioned this before. Today, one of my favorite songs over the summer decided to hit number one, just before lunch break.

It's hard to fight these feelings when it feels so hard to breathe
caught up in this moment
caught up in your smile

I love this song.
I loved it a few months ago but it faded
but I love it all over again.

The whole thing is just fabulous.
 I enjoy singing it at the top of my lungs driving to and from work.
Try it. 

sidenote: Lady Antebellum. Are they a favorite of anyone else? I have yet to be disappointed.


  1. Seriously. Lady Antebellum never lets me down! So stoked for their new stuff :)

  2. They are my FAV:) I went to their concert last summer..sooo good! Have you heard their song called "Never Alone?" LOOK IT UP NOW. ;)

  3. just a little fun fact. the girl from lady antebellum tried out for american idol.. didn't make it.

  4. okay i love love lady antebellum. especially this song.


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