Hello August.

I have never welcomed August with such open arms. August is fabulous for so many reasons.

August means finishing summer school
August means six months
August means finishing work
August means moving
August means no more evenings in July without you to spend them with
August means Texas
August means that Gossip Girl returns next month
I like August.

sidenote: I liked July too. It brought lots of twists and turns and bumps, but it was still lovely. Just like it usually is.


  1. next month brings not only gossip girls but also, 90210, grey's, vampire diaries, glee, and private practice :)

  2. For me August means that Winter is almost over. :)

  3. I love August too :) Hey my boys in Texas-San Antonio, if you are around there say hi ;p

  4. july was pretty fun, but something about august just i can tell is going to be so great. Oh yeah, and that means 7 months for me :) 10 days!


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