mail math.

This is a letter. 
I get one every most Tuesdays.

My letter....

minus one of these

equals nothing on Tuesday.

Yes blogworld. Cody's email today said this.
"PS.. the letter I sent last week.... I accidently put it in the mail thing without a stamp..I'm sorry! I'm so dumb. I dunno if it's gonna make it or not....hahaha"

Good thing he's cute.

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  1. Hahahahahha! SO FUNNY!

  2. I've had my boy send two letters without a stamp and I got both so I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya! (personally I think someone reads its from an "elder" so they just pass it right on-there are still some good people in the world for when are boys are silly lol!)

  3. that inspires so much hope! =) haha i hope it shows up! or at least gets returned to him so I can still read it eventually!


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