I am a cyber-nerd.

Confession time.
I have cyber friends. So many cyber friends.
Is that creepy and weird?

I skype with my dear friend Ryann Newby.. Quite regularily as well. She knows pretty much everything that happens in my life too. If we are not skyping we are texting. Or chatting on facebook. Have I ever actually hung out with her? Nope. =) Will I go to her wedding? Yep. We're weird. Leave us alone.

Sometimes I chat on facebook with Justin Riddle. Long story short, he's a friend of a friend and a friend? I don't know. He's funny though, and he knows me surprisingly well considering he only knew who I was because he remembered my name started with  J, and remembered that I had a blog.
Props to him for being a facebook creep as well.

Then, I have some friends from Puerto Rico. Some of them know Cody even. Cool right? I like to talk to them sometimes too, even though English is their 2nd language. Perhaps I will have to learn some Spanish..

Do I reallly have to get into my blogfriends? What about my blogfriends. I follow a bazillion of them. The happenings in each of their lives has become important to me okay?

I think I have a problem.

sidenote: all of this blows my mother's mind.


  1. Lol.. I know EXACTLY what you mean..

    My Bestfriend lives in London, I've never met her.. we skype, tweet & message each other.. & yet I have never actually met her.. but you know what.. sometimes.. you don't have to meet.. to know you care.

    - Josabet, xo.

  2. Hahaha my FAVORITE part..."Have I ever actually hung out with her? Nope. =) Will I go to her wedding? Yep. We're weird. Leave us alone."
    And guess what? We are weird. :) but maybe that's we're such good friends. We're far away from each other. :) haha JOKES. Love you girlie!

  3. You do not have a problem. That, or I do too.

    I have friends I have never met through blogging. My penpal/soul sister, Grace, and I communicate only through handwritten letters and the internet. We don't use phones, although that may be changing soon, and we have never met. We talk so much and we bare our souls to one another. And have never met.

    Another amazing best friend of mine is truly the grounding force in my life. He's strong, passionate about God, and we have the BEST conversations...I could not love him more. Have we ever met? Nope.

    And the blog friends? Totally get that. A million bajillion, and I love them all. <3

  4. If you have a problem then so have I...

    But it's just so nice reading and learning about what other people's lives are like in other parts of the world.

  5. none of my best friends live in utah so i'm the same way, dear.


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