meet my new best friend.

I have been a little bit missing this week from the blog world, but you say I have been busy running errands. And when I am not running errands I have been at school. When I am not doing that I try to catch a little shut eye..
 maybe I have ben spending some quality time with my new best friend?

South Padre Island

She lives just about a half hour from me. It's great. I have a feeling we are going to just become better and better friends as more time passes..

K but for real. I have more than a million things to blog about and twice that many blogs to catch up on but it will just all have to wait for another day.
Happy blogging everyone and I hope the end of your summer was fabulous!


  1. Wow cool Jane!! Way to go! You worked hard to get there! Bueno suerte!! Audra


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