Top Dog of Grade 2.

Who remembers "Top Dog" in Mrs. Romeril's grade 2 class? I found a special little book with a message from every single one of my class mates telling me what they liked about me. There were a few that just crack me up.  I'm not sure there is anything cuter than seven year olds. I had to share.
*These are copied word for word.

"You are my very very best friend. I wish I could get you anything you want in the whole wide world. You are so pretty. I like her hair." - Tessa

"You are nice to me a lot and you help lot of people. You are my friend and you. are so nice. You are the best one in the olen school. I wish I wous you." - Dani

"You are pretty and funny you are loveing hearted." - Karson

"You are my very best friend you are very kind. everybody likes you. Even Mrs. Romeril liks you." - Kate

"You are the most smartest kid in the class because you're friends with everyone." - Miles

"You print very good. You help kids then they work when they dodn't even ask. Because you're my friend." - Matt

"You are one of the best workers in the class. And she is fast at working." - Jon

"You work rally hard and you help any buddy that needs help." - Ryan

They were all so adorable but I had to share a few of my favorites. =)
I'm so happy I grew up in a little town where I still know all of these people and remained friends with them all through high school. 


  1. ok miss popular of grade 2. why you gotta be everyones friend? haha i wish i knew where mine was!

  2. I wish I had mine still too! I did work experience for mrs romeril and she had the class make me one though and it's the most tender thing ever! Such a great idea.

  3. oh my gosh I love these things! so tender and funny.

  4. Haha so cute! I love finding little treasures.

  5. kay. that's adorable. completely.

  6. okay this is so cute! I like how I switch from directly talking to you to acting like I am talking to someone else. haha.


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