Where does your mail go?

Have you ever thought about the journey a letter takes from one part of the world to another? Yeah probably not. But I think about it every week when I open my mailbox in Babb and find another letter waiting for me. Whenever I see Postal Vehicles driving I kinda get excited a little bit when I think about how truly amazing the postal system is! It's crazy okay. You just write a couple random numbers and letters on the front, slap a stamp in the corner and drop it in a box and expect that it will somehow find its way into the hands of who its supposed to.. and it does. Usually.

I have a story that seriously just made my life.

I have a post office box across the border because lots of things ordered in the states won't get shipped to Canada, and it's also cheaper to mail domestic instead of internationally(obviously). When you have a family member that uses the united postal system as often as my family does.. it's worth it. So. Today, my parents were going to get the mail across the border. So sweet of them, really. Anyway, all was well, I even had a parcel waiting. They brought it home for me and my day was made, the usual. Anyway, here we are.. five hours later.. and the best thing in the world just happened.
Someone knocked at the door. My mom yelled at my to answer it (of course =) ) so I ran upstairs and a familiar lady was standing there with her hands behind her back. She asked to talk to my mom and my mom was just at the top of the stairs. The lady started walking up the stairs. I thought it was kinda odd because people don't usually just head up the stairs that fast.. ya know? I figured something serious must be up. Call me a sneak, but I stayed at the bottom of the second set of stairs trying to figure out what was going on, but I could not hear a thing. This lady was whispering. Anyway, the lady walked out the door and I ran upstairs because I figured my mom would tell me whats up. She handed me a letter from Cody. This lady had found my letter in the garbage at the post office in Montana! Apparently, she first thought maybe my parents were throwing away my letters... but then she decided maybe they weren't so she better double check. It had actually been stuck inside a flier and was thrown away on accident. She rescued my letter and brought it back into Canada and drove it over to my house. When my mom told me I was so excited I ran outside and gave this lady a huge hug.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love living where I do? Where else in the world would someone find your letter in the garbage across the border, think maybe you were supposed to get it, and bring it to you? Nowhere. Nowhere else. 

I am happy as a clam. It is officially my favorite day ever.

sidenote. This letter is officially my favorite and I kind of think deserves some sort of award for being so determined to find me... Perhaps a frame instead of the letter binder?


  1. I have a few frames if you need to borrow one..just sayin!

  2. I absolutely LOVE that! What a nice lady!

  3. this maybe just made my day. mail is the best. really really.

  4. oh my gosh. that lady is amazing! i love this...im so happy it found you!!!

  5. awww.. This just made my day :)

  6. Goodness still exists in this world. :)


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