i never win!

I have a lot to say but kindof nothing at all.
I will start with this, because this is big.

Uh. Yeah. I won my first giveaway. This is officially as good as it gets.

I have 141 lbs of luggage that I have to haul through an airport tomorrow. Excellent.

I'm done work. I'm kind of sad. I am going to miss my little Parks Canada family. I met so many great people. I am kind of sad. I hope to return there for one more summer.. =)

I think I have a new old friend.

Deedra gave me a blanket. It's yellow... and it gives hugs. 
It is a keeper..
and she is a keeper. 

Carson came to visit me. When did he get so tall?

So I'm all packed.. but I do NOT want to clean my basement. I'm so tired.

That is all.


  1. Check you out, winning cool little giveaways. Now I'm the one that's JEALOUS. ;)

  2. Jane! I saw that you had won the giveaway and I was almost as excited for you as I would have been for myself if I would have won. I literally said, "Yay! Jane won! That's so awesome for her! I wonder if she knows already.. Should I tell her? No. I'll wait :)" haha

  3. oh my gosh I love winning giveaways! could be possibly one of the best feelings in the world. haha and also I'm so excited for you to start school! I hope you love every second of it!


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