What I have to offer.

It may look as if I have nothing to offer, but if you look a little closer you'll see.

I am always willing to smile. I love listening to people rant about adventures. I love listening to stories. Especially the ones that are so exciting, they must be told standing up. I will cry if you need someone to cry with, or yell if someone hurts you. I may not be able to throw a punch, but I apparently have some incredible arguing skills and have learned from the best. I can always offer forgiveness. Even if I get hurt first. How can I not forgive when I am constantly asking for forgiveness? You don't even have to ask for that one. It's yours. I can offer a hug, a thought, or a word. I can laugh. With you, or at you. Whichever you prefer. I can offer my dreams, or I can listen to yours. I can offer a visit. I can offer a game. Or a movie. Or a drive. Or nothing. I am always content with laying in perfect silence just absorbing life. A phone call. A song.  A book. A picture. A memory... That's all. If that isn't enough, ask me what you need. If I can't help you, look somewhere else, because I am just Simply Jane, and this is what I have to offer.

Oh... and I found this.

It is so very true. Thats all.. :)

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