This past weekend things started ending. I guess perhaps things began ending before this past weekend, but this weekend was big. It was first thing of many things that are going to end very soon... Yes.. I realize that as some things end...others begin of course and thats just great, but In the next few months I will be saying goodbye to some very special things in life, along with some very special people. I would rather not spend the next three months of my life worrying about how fast time is going, but the truth is.. time is flying and it scares me. Suddenly it is May 17, 2010. I'm pretty sure it seems like just yesterday that we were having carpet time in Mrs. Hall's class, Mr. Hague was telling the story about his pet crow, and Mr. Beazer was handing out his novel of class rules that scared half the kids out of the pure math classes. Does the phrase, "Sadies, then Alumni Games, then Christmas, then review!" sound familiar? :) Suddenly it is May 17, 2010 and we are days away from graduation, weeks away from our last summer together, and months away from all taking separate roads that start the journey to the rest of our lives. I know this sounds cliche before grad and all, but seriously? Where has the time gone!

The truth is: Every second counts. Before we know it we are going to be making new friends and starting new things and visiting new places. The goodbyes will be over, and the summer will be over. That will be just fine because life is still happening and I am so excited for it, but for now? I will love every second of everything. :)

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