Simply Jane

Well.. I have had a blog for the past nine months or so. It wasn't so much a blog that I posted for the world to see. It was more for me to just rant about the deepest frustrations and purest happinesses of life. Mostly, it was for personal reasons. After a lot of confusion and perhaps me being a little bit naive, I realized that it wasn't as private as I wanted it to be. I was feeling slightly vulnerable as I realized that not only had my life been exposed, but also I had possibly revealed information about others that shouldn't have been known. Oops... I'm sorry!
Picture from Papertissue
Anyway... I'm over it. I decided it was time to close that chapter of my life, and I also decided it was time to make a new blog! With much help from Michelle, I have created Simply Jane. Perhaps this will be looked upon as a simplified version of my previous blog, but I disagree. Yes, it will be simple as it should be, but I will share the happy moments of life, accompanied by some of the crazy thoughts that exist in the head of Jane; well, crazy to others I suppose, but to me they are Simply Jane!


  1. i may or may not blogstalk you.. just sayin.

  2. YAY!! I LOVE IT!!! i shall now be your follower!!! :)

  3. Wow, this sounds so fimiliar. I also chose Jane as my "new" name and decided to look for the other Simply Jane's as this was my first name of choice. How funny to find this post after all of that. I had to write an apoligy of sorts to my parents yesterday and delete my poem about my husband 2 days ago, sheesh. -Jane


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