not for you, but for me.

My favorite thing about poetry is that it can be interpretted however you want it to be. It can relate to one aspect of your life, or to every aspect. It can be about one thing in particular, or a variety of things. I don't interpret for you. I interpret for me.

Never expect.
By expecting things to go a certain way, we often become disappointed because things don't always work out as planned. I find that by not expecting certain people to act certain a certain way, I am never disappointed. I don't handle disappointment well, and coming to the conclusion that I need to not expect so much has really solved a lot of problems in life. Being disappointed in someone is the worst feeling. People make mistakes, and that is just fine. Expectations can often cause problems for people. If expectations set are too high, it sometimes leads to failure. How disappointing is that? Sure, expect much from yourself; however, I think expecting too much from a person isn't a great way to get by in life; furthermore, having too much expected from you can certainly takes its toll. Kinda all depends on how you interpret it right? Maybe not for you, but for me.

Never assume.
Well I think my point has been proven on this one. Assuming too much can lead to hurting or offending people. Of course, this applies to certain situations. Everything I am writing about applies to certain situations, and it always has—my situation. I am not writing words for other people. I am not teaching theories for the world to live by. Interpret everything I say however you want, for your life. Thats great, but assuming I have such a one track mind is not the answer. Maybe I am writing in behalf of a friend, a family member, or a five minute discussion I had in one of my classes that day. Maybe I am responding to a novel. Maybe I am just rambling on about something lurking deep inside of me. I have found that assumptions can cause for misunderstandings, heartache, and often can end up damaging an entire relationship. Sure, sometimes assumptions are accurate, but maybe it is a good idea to look a little deeper into the situation to get a full understanding? I know the last time I assumed something major, I ended up nearly losing my best friend. I have spent months trying prove to this person that I do still trust their word. Assuming things are the way they appear, I believe, can closely be related to judging a person. God wouldn't want that, would He? I'm sure we all know what assuming does to you and me. Jumping to conclusions is never the way to be.. maybe not for you, but for me.

Never ask. 
Yeah. Questions are great. Fabulous even. I ask them a lot... but this isn't about those kinds of questions. This isn't about questions I have in life. This is about one situation in particular, and in this situation, I need to never ask. Some things are to be kept to yourself. Sometimes people experience things in life that they just don't want to share with the world. Sometimes someone is having a bad day. Sometimes the words, "What happened?" can be the last thing this person wants to hear. Sometimes people will talk if they need to. Sometimes letting someone come to me is the way. Maybe not for you, but for me.

Never demand.
I think hearing that you are "too demanding" is one of the worst things. What does that mean? The only way to be demanding is to demand.. If there is any way to get past that please let me know prontooo. I would never demand things from someone if I know they are incapable of giving such things. Let them give if they want to give, be what they want to be, and act how they want to act. That makes sense. Maybe not for you, but for me.

Just let it be.
Thank you Beatles for these fabulous lyrics. Let it be. When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of widsom, let it be.. and in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me.. speaking words of wisdom, let it be. Now. How true is that. Honestly, sometimes letting go is really the only thing you can do. Holding grudges never solves anything. Leaving things to rest is sometimes the only answer. Sure, just letting it be isn't a general rule for life, but who said it was? I just know that right now, I need to just let it be because:

If it's meant to be.. it will happen the way you want things to be.
I don't exactly see what's wrong with this. Things work out how they are supposed to. Whatever it is you want in life..if it's meant to be, it will happen. This is my favorite thought, ever. If it's not meant to be, it wont work out, if it is, then it will. Could life be any better?

Simply stated. All of these brilliant ideas concocted by some anonymous person certainly put together many things I have been trying to learn and understand and live by through the past year. Simply Stated may not apply to everything, or everyone.. or even anyone, but that doesnt matter. It applies to me.

*Thank you anonymous user who inspired my post. You should consider getting a blog. You are a fabulous writer. :)

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