360 degrees in 360 days.

Today is significant. It is day 360. Like a 360 turn. Every day is significant, yes, but I am a different person than I was 361 days ago. Completely.  In the past 360 days I have learned...

{that} everyone makes mistakes and everyone has a past. 
{that} I should have gone ice skating while I had the chance.
{that} trips to Mexico should be enjoyed regardless of circumstances at home.
{that} assumptions only cause problems.
{that} I am capable of being heartbroken. 
{that} I am capable of breaking someone's heart.
{that} sometimes it is okay to live in lyrics.
{that} at the end of the day, I need to remember that I still have tomorrow morning.
{that} I can create fantastic birthday presents without spending money.
{that} sometimes I just can't make plans.
{that} nothing beats a summer rain storm
{that} trusting my instincts is important.
{that} it is okay to let the cute boy sitting next to me hold my hand.
{that} I don't have blonde hair, and that is okay.
{that} popsicles are the key to my heart, really.
{that} being spontaneous leads to the best memories.
{that} I am capable of smiling through the worst of times
{that} there is always an answer in the scriptures.
{that} sometimes people like to meddle.
{that} I have a whole bunch of fabulous friends.
{that} I truly do have one best friend.
{that} I am physically incapable of wrestling.
{that} sometimes, a hug is the answer.
{that} maybe usually means no.
{that} town square is the perfect place for a date.
{that} if I ever REALLY need something, I do have someone who is there.
{that} crying is okay. It is even good.
{that} 360 days goes by incredibly fast.
{that} some days are hard, and some days hurt, and some days I feel like giving up.
{that} this life is a beautiful one.

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