My Fabulous Friends.

Excuse my lack of .. blogging lately. Yes, I have posted, but there hasn't been much to read. That is possibly because I am so insanely busy! May is the craziest month ever. Anyway. I would like to dedicate a post to some wonderful friends of mine, but I've decided to not use names. Sorry if I can't post about everyone. I do have tons of fabulous friends but there are a select few that I have appreciated deeply this week. :)

**"Want to come color with me?" Ohh you are the best. Thanks for being so fabulous, all the time. I love that we couldn't be more different, but we are completely content doing nothing. I love how honest you are, and that you are seriously so.. great. You really are. You are an amazing influence on me and I'm sorry I'm not as great of influence on you. :D haha

**My favorite shoulder to cry on. Thank you for letting me be upset when I need to. Thanks for suggesting ice cream all the time and wasting so much gas driving around with me. I just love you... and hmmm. Rex, Gah, Rafe, Snip. Thank you for reading my mind all the time. AND. Thank you for being sooooo sure that we could make it happen. Your positive attitude really helps when I am planning things... I love you for always being there when I need it.

**Where to start. Thanks for being such an example to me. I know you think that I make you better, but I am convinced it is the other way around. Real friends don't come by too often do they? Thank you for being such a real friend to me. I so much appreciate the fact that I seriously trust you with everything. Thank you for being there when I need it the most. I love your mind. I also love that you have kept my life interesting as of late... haha. Thank you for teaching me to be tough, not to worry, and that everything will turn out. Thanks for your questions and stories. Thank you for just being you and nobody else. You are my best friend, ever. :)

**Wait what? My car is gone. I think this was the beginning of last summer for us.. the beginning of penny candy, diet coke, tanning, drawing pictures, and to do lists. I seriously appreciate your incredible listening abilities more than anything. I love love love that you tell me exactly what I want/need to hear, and are more than willing to tell me things that you know will make me smile without fail when I need to hear them the most. Thank you for reminding me that it is okay to cry, and also for reminding me that memories are the best, and sometimes need to be left to rest. Thank you for understanding that ... maybe were in the same boat. :)

Those are just four of my fabulous friends. I am so incredibly lucky to have a life full of such amazing people.

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