Today was fabulous. I don't even know why. It wasn't a day where everything went right. It certainly was a busy day. I actually didn't even have a break from before school until after dance. None of that matters because today was fabulous! Here are some reasons why...
: the sun came out
: we only had to practice Masquerade once :)
: our tour choir is sounding GREAT, and so is the rest of our choir and I am so excited for provincials this weekend
: Karlee was in her giggly mood
: my car didn't get soaped
: personal response essay in English.. went as good as can be expected
: it is almost Saturday
: all the facebook statuses are constantly cracking me up
: I finally figured out how to "hide" people from facebook newsfeed and I no longer have to deal with people changing their status professing eternal love to each other every five seconds
: my phone died, and I didn't even mind
: I wasted a quarter tank of gas driving around with Stephanie, Karlee, Michelle, and Ryan
: Michelle bought sour soothers
: Chelan/honesty box/brilliant.. no further comment on that one.. :)
: "scuse me.. :) " hahaha
: "something's going down..." - Karson Kartchener
: The Last Song is playing here, and every time I drive past the theater it puts a smile on my face even though I haven't even seen it yet
: apparently fireflies can be cocky? hahah I <3 you Ashley, Sarah, Janay, Kanzie, Michelle, Steph, Denae, Jenae, McKenna, and Aubrey
: my parents used the excuse "we don't have to have a reason to say no.." and I realized they can only say this to me for ten more days, and then I will be living in Waterton!

I love fabulous days.

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  1. so i guess maybe our minds are connected too. we seem to have had the same idea for tonights post. hahaha. <3


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