best friends.

I have been blessed with so many best friends. Some are far away, and some sleep two feet away from me. Some are leaving so soon, and some have just entered my life. Some are tall, and some are short. Some are married, and some aren't old enough to date. Some I may never see again, and some I may stay in contact with forever. Some are funny and some... not so much. The point is, all of these people have helped me in so many different ways lately. So many people have helped me, and they don't even realize it.. Maybe you will be able to tell which one is for you, and maybe you won't. Thank you for being simply amazing without even knowing it.
Thank you for offering your hugs when you know I need them. You really are good at giving them 
you know.. 
Thank you for your winks and sleeping without your pants on.. and for being the funniest.
Thank you for being a text away even though you are in another country.. and for letting 
me cry and crying with me.
Thank you for giving me a beautiful grad present. I don't think you realize it, but your acceptance has changed my life.
Thank you for your confidence in my writing talents. You have been my inspiration.
Thank you for being such a great example to the rest of your family and going on a mission.. and for being so witty.
Thank you for being so darling. For showing me all the things most dear to you. I always wanted a little sister.
Thank you for  helping me remember to not worry about things I have no control over, and for reminding me to have a great summer!
Thank you for being a theatre person for the both of us.
Thank you for helping me out by agreeing to meet a group of crazy but amazing guys. (you'll have fun. PROMISE)
Thank you for being there even if I yell at you and sometimes I forget and think you have abandoned me.. I hope you remember that I'm not going anywhere.
Thank you for being such great older sisters and getting married in the temple.
Thank you for always taking pictures. Maybe we tease you about it, but we love you anyway.
Thank you for waking me up every morning for work. I would never make it if it wasn't for you.
Thank you for buying my iPod touch from me and paying me with cash so I could afford to get back to work. :)
Thank you for eating healthy foods and hiking to remind me that I do need to try to stay in shape.
Thank you for chatting with me all through choir practice even though it makes my mom yell at you.

Thank you for uplifting my spirits through hard times and helping me remember that life is simply beautiful.


  1. janeen, Your blog posts are always so inspiring. I love that your write about whatever is on your mind. And thanks for reminding me that life is simply beautiful.

  2. Thank you Jane for being amazing. Thank you for being Jane, that is the best thing in the world you know.


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