Well. Grad came and went like I figured it would. It was fabulous, but it is over now. Here are just a couple pictures. I will probably put more up once I get some from Trisha but for now here are a few..




Yep. Meet Jane. I'm definitely a sleeper. I'll admit, I slept through the entire grad party! I was awake long enough to eat a couple bites of a pancake, and make an appearance on the King of the Hill! hahaha okay here are some pictures from when I was awake!

Getting my hypothetical diploma.. I actually have my real one at home because I technically graduated after last semester! :)

We did it! .. even Michelle! (please finish social. thanks.)

Grad was a success, but its over now and I can't help but wonder what the next few weeks are going to bring for me. There is still sooo many things happening.. all at once.. good and bad. I only have to go to school two more times.. anyway. That's all.

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