Fingertips are incredible things. A few days ago a friend and I were discussing how sensitive they are. We began talking about nerve endings and the scientific part behind fingertips. I find that fascinating considering how magical fingertips have been for me as of late. The touch of a fingertip can mean one thousand million trillion things. Today? It meant: I'm right here; I'm not moving. Today? It meant: What can I do to help? The magic sent between a fingertip and a human being can be more powerful than words. I believe it is no coincidence how sensitive fingertips are.
side note: I currently am suffering from the removal of my gel nails I had for grad. I seriously suggest avoiding these to anyone who suffers from severe nail biting when nervous, or to anyone who is slightly obsessive compulsive as myself. Yes. Grad was somewhat of a stressful time and my fingernails were constantly begging to bitten (disgusting habit, I am well aware). However, I was fully incapable of relieving my stress! It was dreadful. Also. Once the tiny little corner of one nail broke, I need them to all be gone because I couldn't handle them not all matching. Jane will never again get fake nails. It is simply not her. The point of this is that my nail beds are in constant pain because I have been picking away trying to get rid of these dreadful things glued to the end of my hands. Poor fingertips.. 
Okay. I think that is enough. I'm sure this hardly makes sense to anyone, but that is just fine. I hope you use your fingertips for good magic as I have today. :)

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