could it be?

Do I even need to expand on this? Everything. Things I have known would always happen someday are maybe here. Tomorrow. It is a day I have been anticipating for so long. Thursday June 3, 2010. Maybe.. just maybe. Anyway, all these things are so great.. but something about everything happening all at once has been perhaps a little bit too much for me, and I struggled today. I think I hadn't quite accepted everything until maybe a few hours ago... but that's okay. Maybe I'm ready to relax now. Tomorrow has the potential to be one of those days worth writing about. One of those days that I have worked so hard to reach, but not nearly as hard as so many others.  It's one of those days that will make me cry tears of joy. I am SO proud of us for reaching this day.. but mostly proud of YOU. Tomorrow is going to happen. 

*Oh. I'm not sure if anyone knew, but I have been seriously second guessing if I should be attending BYU in the fall. For the record. It is more than official now.  BYU is simply for Jane :) What a good day.

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