i love everyone.

Oh goodness. This week is crazy. I know it is crazy for everyone for different reasons. I am beyond stressed! Okay. So, of course it is almost GRAD. I really can hardly wait. I'm so excited, but at the same time I really don't want it to come.. because then it's over. Anyway. I'm about to vent so be ready! I am apart of the grad decorating committee (which I haven't been able to help with enough thus far and I feel bad!), I am responsible for organizing a musical number for our banquet on Friday, this week was our Girls Choir spring concert, I have some major English assignments that were supposed to be due today, and I have been working full time (in Waterton which complicates things further..) On top of that, there are nail appointments, hair appointments, flower shop trips, finding jewelry.. and alll those ridiculous other things that come up unexpectedly. This whole grad thing is absolutely ridiculous... but I am excited! I would like to say thank you to Katy and Mal for being so fabulous at being in charge of decorating and I would like to thank all the incredibly talented singers in our grade who are willing to help me pull this musical number together by Friday.. so cooperative :D and I would like to thank Chelan for gathering a team of mini-light checkers, and Kaylee for letting me text her with my happy news and reminding me that there is such a great reason to smile, and Avery for helping me decide how I want my hair done, and Mr. Sloan and Mr. Leavitt for agreeing to help with the sound system for our musical number, and Mr. Heninger for extending our deadline until next week, and Stacey for giving me the week off, and Karlee for coming to Details with me today because I was slightly nervous about that one.. and Jordan. For enduring my ridiculous stress, and taking me to grad even though I'm a brat. 

I am sure I've forgotten someone because there are so many wonderful people! Thank you, and I love you all!

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