Today I feel like it is appropriate to post about Spring. No, not the season, but about my dear friend Spring. I came across a blog post the other day that she had written about me, and it brought tears to my eyes. I am truly honored to be considered one of the best by dear Spring Pierson. If I look at the last year from a far away glance,  I would say that the person who has had the most influence on me is definitely Spring. This dear girl has the strongest testimony, the sweetest personality, and the most pure heart you can imagine. She even inspired me to begin a blog. :) Daily— often hourly—I have to contact her to ask her for advice, share exciting news,  or express deepest despair.  I can't even wrap my head around counting the hours I have spent ranting to her, and she simply listens and understands. She says the exact thing I am craving to hear at each particular moment.  She knows me inside out. I confess my deepest sorrows and mistakes and she understands and convinces me that I am somehow perfect. She seems to think I am patient, which is something I've never found myself to be. The more I think about it, the more I believe she is right. She has helped me learn so many things about myself and helped me become the Jane I am today. We met last summer, as she stated in her post. We went through each and every day apart, but always together. We soon realized that although we were such different people, we were experiencing so many of the same things. I believe it maybe started with orange juice with ice cubes and chicken noodle soup broth, finally leading to much bigger things. We soon began sharing much more than a bottle of orange juice.  Days were spent sharing our favorite stories, making "To-do" lists (x2), drawing comical (and somewhat unartistic but rather realistic) artwork, soaking up summer rain storms and romance, and then we somehow found ourselves watching The Notebook and Pearl Harbor as the summer came to a close. Although I was worried our friendship would slightly diminish, it has proved to continue as I have faced so many difficulties and trials throughout this past year. Thank you, Spring, for being there. Every day. For helping me remain positive. For reminding me that memories are the best. For not judging me for facebook creeping, but instead doing just the same. For crying with me, and laughing with me. For aching with me and rejoicing with me. Thank you for being Spring.


  1. Ok well now who is bawling. Jane :) You are such the amazing person! I'm so glad we are such good friends!!!

  2. Dear Jane,

    Well I noticed in your post today you had a tag specifically for 'Spring' and that made me feel special, so I started reading. I just got to here and I had to stop and comment, because you are the best. You really are. Your messages make my day, and I'm sooo excited to come home and go straight to corn chowder with you.


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