december 29th is my BIRTHDAY!

and I am 19 now.

Ok but really, Birthdays have never really been a huge deal for me. I think the fact that it is four days after Christmas kind of makes seem like.. well just that. It's not a very big deal. So I was born. Big deal right? I think my mom should be celebrated, after all, she birthed me. I had nothing to do with it. Seriously though, Christmas is so anticipated and commercialized, and so that is where my focus always is.  My birthday has always been just sort of, an after thought. I've always been okay with that. To be honest, I always feel a little bit awkward when people are constantly checking to make sure I have a good day. I do appreciate it though. Anyway. This year, some of my friends went the extra mile to make my day extra special. Dallin woke up extra early to make me a cake and gave me the most darling jacket in the whole world, and his family made me dinner and a bunch of happy birthday posters to use as decorations. Steph even bought me my two favorite movies!  and Karlee wrote me the sweetest blog post. And Cody! He is taking me to a Calgary Flames game on Monday. Best birthday ever, I'm pretty sure. I have the best friends in the world. The day ended with a bunch of friends just hanging out at my house playing cards. I actually just had a really great day. =)

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  1. Happy, Happy (Late) Birthday.. Jane!

    Yesterday was also
    my Best Friends, Birthday!

    I hope you had fun :)

    - Josabet.


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