ten things.

There are:
unless you read this post.

One thing I know, when I took the dive, it never felt so good, never felt so alive. (China Dolls - Jaylene Johnson)

Two words: What the????

Three little words are often overused. It absolutely drives me crazy. People toss them around because they think they understand them. Maybe they seem like the right thing to say, or the only thing to say. They say them, and within minutes are insisting their opposite. Who does that?

Four girls are my best friends in the whole world. Steph, Kate, Karlee, and Michelle. I love these girls, and no matter what, I know we will always be best friends. We fight all the time, and we all drive each other crazy. But I think that is what makes us so close. =)

Five years from now, I can see myself being married. I hope to be married in five years from now, even though when I think about five years ago, the time seems to have gone awfully fast. I was just about to turn fourteen. Huh. I really thought I was so old. Funny how with each passing year, I feel younger, and younger, and have more fears about growing up.

Six is the smallest size shoe that your average shoe store carries. It's frustrating, really. You see, my feet don't quite fit a size six. I walk into a shoe store, and say, "What is the smallest size shoe you carry?" "Six" is always the answer. I try them on, and of course, they are slightly big, but I just don't have another option. "You can try in-soles. They make the shoe about a half size smaller." You think I don't know that? I probably have six sets of in-soles at home in my closet.

Seven is supposedly a lucky number, right? Why is that? When I played basketball and volleyball, back in the day, I chose number seven. It wasn't lucky. I didn't even like playing.. When I decided that I wanted to dance instead of play sports, it didn't seem like it would be that life-altering. It kind of wasn't, from day to day. Sometimes I have to wonder though... where would I have ended up? Who would my friends be?

Eighteen years old, for me, has not been the age to be worrying about the types of things I have been forced to worry about. I can't think that far into the future yet, and I don't want to. Such big questions and requests that have been thrown at others, and myself, this year have sure caused some problems. Maybe eighteen is an okay age for some people to fall in love and get married, but not for Jane, thanks for asking though.. I think.

Nineteen year old boys will certainly be the death of me. Seriously. If not now, certainly when I have nineteen year old boys of my own.

Tendrils, and lovely, are two beautiful words, are they not? I have a list of favorite words. Dalliance. Eloquence. Sumptuous. I'm going to go ahead and drop the word plunk in here for the sake of Spring. Words are the best, ever.

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