nothing is everything.

source: ask me.

Just a thought here that has sort of been haunting me lately. I've just kind of witnessed this sort of thing silently, and often, and I can't quite seem to get it off my mind. I have certainly been guilty of this in the past as well so I am not making accusations or pointing any fingers. I just think I wish I would have thought about it sooner. 

I think too many people are taking relationships and flings and couples or even just being "a thing" in general too casually. I know these things are supposed to be somewhat casual at certain ages in life, and sometimes just a small fling is the perfect distraction at a point in your life(I agree with this; flings are great sometimes. Just. Be careful when selecting your fling-ee) but I think too many people are just taking advantage of having "anyone".  I'm sure it seems like a good idea and of course, what's the harm? Quick and casual. Perfect? I know I have been in this situation, and I have thought to myself, "Why not?" But, I really know why now. That person. That casual relationship to get your mind off of someone else, that fling to have a super fun couple weeks, or maybe that "thing" to make someone else jealous? Whatever the case, that other person involved doesn't mean anything to you, in the way they mean to someone else. Sure, you care about them. Sure, you enjoy their company. And yes, that person is extremely attractive. But that person is someone else's everything. And how would you feel if your everything was someone else's nothing?
Not so fun when the roles are reversed, is it?


  1. Ok, sorry for this random comment but i have been blog creeping lately and i LOVE LOVE LOVE this post.

  2. why thankkk you sophie. i feel very strongly about this one as well. hahaha =)

  3. i agree 100%.
    ps. i stalk your blog everyday and your amazing.
    the end

  4. janeen already knows i stalk her blog, but i really do agree with this. kinda something i really needed to hear right now. thanks girl :)

  5. I love this post. and i love the changes you made to your blog.. :) it's wayyy cute.


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