This morning when I woke up, I had a feeling that today wasn't going to be a good day. I contemplated not even getting out of bed all day to avoid whatever monsters were lurking outside the safety of my bedroom. I know that everyone says you choose your own attitude, and that its up to yourself to be happy, but ya, okay really? Sometimes you just have a bad day, and it isn't even your own fault. Things just go wrong.
Today, my monsters were certainly unpleasant.

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...until I beat Dallin, Jared, and Tyson at Monopoly! The best part of it was that it wasn't the type of monopoly game that you know from the start whose going to win. I had the worst property and no money, not to mention the worst of luck. By the end of the game, I ended up coming back from about four dollars and Marvin Gardens to owning 95% of the board. For three hours, I forgot all that was wrong in my life and all I focused on was that little silver thimble and those beautiful red buildings slowly appearing that may as well have been giant money bags with my name written all over them. I felt so much better. hahahha. But, like all good things, the game was put away and I crawled back into my bed and everything and everyone came flooding back. =(

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  1. Don't you just hate that?

    When you 'feel' something isn't right... but in all reality you can't explain it.. you can't explain it to yourself, to others.. it's just there.

    You can't hide. You can't run.

    Sometimes Jane, when life happens..
    You just gotta roll with the punches..

    & yes, there's always TOMORROW...

    Hope you're feeling better,


    xo, Josabet.


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