I'm buying it.

I'm afraid my life has been taken over by this crazy thing called Monopoly. Not even kidding. The obsession is getting ridiculous.
Today, I played it FOUR times. Once with Dallin and Cody, twice with Dallin, Cody, and Steph, and then once just against Cody when he showed up unexpectedly for a re-match.
Maybe I was a little bit too competitive, but I'm not the only one... ahem. 
No big deal, but I won every time.
and I was seriously THIS happy about it.
You can congratulate me whenever.

Hhaha okay. I won't deny being super happy about my incredible luck today, but I seriously have such mixed feelings. I hate when people don't like me, and I'm pretty sure this game is starting to create some hard feelings. I feel bad! 
I know exactly how it feels when you have to turn over wads of cash to a person who is just smirking because they can see that the game is going to end in their favour. 
It sucks. hahah
Okay wow. I need to stop. It's kind of unbelievable actually, and definitely slightly embarrassing.
Monopoly? hahaha who plays monopoly anymore?
Oh wait. I do.
Seriously. GO PLAY IT. I'm sure it's hiding somewhere in your house or your neighbour's.


  1. Your sort of lame. But sort of cute too. Ps. those stupid railroads deserve the credit...not you.

  2. I love that game, sundays and snow days are the perfect days to whip it out. Play with Carter sometime he'll end your winning streak.

  3. Okay so monopoly is amazing!....and look up the song be here by parachute :)


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