i love her.

There is this darling girl in my life that has come and gone for the past three plus years. I mean, not gone in a sense that we fought, or weren't friends. More in the sense that we spent summers together. My three beautiful summers would not have been even CLOSE to what they were without this girl. Then the summers ended, but we just decided to stay close friends even when it wasn't summer, and I'm so happy, because she sure gets me through some hard times. =)

I love her with all of my heart.
photo taken at our apartment in Waterton in the summer of 2008

Remember when we cleaned the loft in search of the mysterious.... scent?
Remember turkey subs x four thousand probably?
Remember not doing anything on the closing list until nine?
Remember going for a bike ride and how I was so jealous of your cutest bike ever?
Remember the weepies?
Remember the video you posted on my facebook wall?.. "he's a boy Jane! His name is Sam, Jane!"
Remember Mr. Noodles eighteen times a day?
Remember popsicles and freezies?
Remember watching movies every single day?
Remember how everyone would go hang out and we could sit on my bed and listen to music?
Remember when we worked like a million shifts in a row together?
Remember distracting the customers so we could add water to their coffee?
Remember when you spelled things in sandwiches?
Remember our incredible pizza bun creation?
Remember cheese and bacon?
Remember when we went to the Stampede and it was the best worst day ever?
Remember our matching boooty shorts with Bailey?
Remember writing notes on the whiteboard to each other when we fought?
Remember filling the fridge together?
Remember when we didn't go hang out with that Alberta Vball team at Heninger's but instead bought popsicles and hung out on the highway by Leavitt?
Remember when you covered your face when you ate because you had braces and it made me giggle?
Remember how I taught you that subs were best with no veggies? hahaha
Remember the fort with the delivery boxes?
Remember Large Gloves?
Remember how we shared bunk beds for two summers?
Remember when I straightened your hair with tweezers?
Remember when cruised for four hours on Halloween?
Remember when we were in Welling and no one believed us?
Remember garden salsa chips?
Remember Vitamin Water. Figi Apple Pear being our favorite?
Remember when we'd have sleepovers on the living room?
Remember when we almost killed Sparky in the middle of the night because she needed to go out?
Wemembo Pwaying chicken wif dat powice man?
Remember how I think you are the funniest?
Remember how we bought matching sweats socks underwear and slippers because our clothes got all wet in Calgary?
Remember way back in the day when we drove to Magrath and discussed that we didn't like it there so much, but then when we drove home we decided it was a good place?
Remember the Haunted Hutterite House right after watching that scary movie at Tyson's?
Remember when you had that horrible adventure and you told me all about it in the back of the laundromat?
Remember our rootbeer guzzling competition?
Remember mac and cheese at midnight?
Remember pizza in the middle of the night with Kate?
Remember when we fell in love with Lenka and Ingrid and Meiko and every other person on my "Chill" playlist?
Remember how we've had matching phones twice?
Remember sitting in bed and talking all hours of the night?
Remember waking up at any hour of the night if there was something bugging us?
Remember watching Pretty Little Liars?
Remember the freaking avatars in My Sister's Keeper?
Remember watching Juno like a million times?
Remember when Gary came?...
Remember how we were scared of each other before we knew each other?
Remember when you busted the sidebar off of the bunkbed for Bianca and I was so impressed?
Remember how much I loved the ringtone on your phone the first summer because it reminded me of Disneyland?
Remember how you were one of like, four people who knew about my first blog?
Remember how you bossed me around, and I just let you because .. well I don't know why.
Remember when I squirted your bum with the water bottle while you were on till?
Remember how you just sometimes wouldn't go to sleep at night when you had to work at seven?
Remember how when we worked mornings together we often didn't make it?
Remember doing entire prep lists at four in the morning?
Remember taking shifts on shift.. and napping upstairs?
Remember between summers how we would just give each other that look in the hallways, but never actually talk?
Remember how you call me Janice?
Remember watching youtube videos on that one computer and then freaking out because we thought we broke it?
Remember when you saw that cougar? With four legs and a bushy tail?
Remember how you randomly text me with excellent questions or information that I love you for telling me?
Remember the song about the American cheese? Well, just about not living in America.
Remember you holding the pans and me making the bread?
Remember when we'd sit on the counter and our legs would swing each others? hahaha
Remember how I stepped on your mirror?
Remember how I broke everything of yours?
Remember how you are in denial with me?
Remember facing some of the same battles at our own time, but still silently together?
Remember how we both just sometimes like sitting there and being sad together, because we both just get it?

Okay. Remember how I feel like I could keep writing this list for another hundred years!
Remember how I fweaking wuv you!

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