just a little story.

I'm going to over-dramatically tell a little story about a certain simple, but maybe more major event that occurred in my Grade 12 year. Perhaps this sort of thing has happened to others and they simply don't care, but for me, this was epic, and I've been meaning to document it. Sorry if it gets a little bit up close and personal. =)

So a very large portion of my year last year was dedicated to a certain.... "thing" in my life.  Many might believe that it was a waste of my time, or that I should have been more concerned about other things. Maybe they were right, maybe they weren't. All I know is that in September of 2009 my heart was set on only this. I knew I was going to have to work hard. I knew there was the possibility that this wouldn't work out.  I knew I could be facing heartache, humiliation, and disappointment, but that was just a risk I was willing to take.

 Now, hold on a minute. Don't assume to quickly that you know what this "thing" is. Your first instinct is probably wrong.

Things started out rough. I was in unfamiliar territory, and I was let down immediately in September.  I just wasn't doing things right. Instead of letting the disappointment get to me, I just thought long and hard about what I could do to fix my mistakes, and prepare to face further hardships in the future, and of course, to defeat them.

Over the course of the next few months, I focused more and more on this "thing". I lost sleep. I stayed up late into the night battling and stressing. Some mornings, I didn't even get out of bed. I hate to admit it, but I nearly gave up entirely. It was just, too hard.

ask for source.

Slowly, I started figuring out a way to make things work. I started asking for help. Success began to unfold right before my eyes. I suddenly realized I had to achieve this, and I knew I could. I wanted it more than anything I had ever wanted in my whole eighteen and a half years of life.
And I've wanted a lot of things.

During the summer of 2010, the thought of achieving this goal never strayed from my mind. Seasons and schedules changed, but the anticipation of finding out whether or not I had in fact made it to my destination literally drove me crazy. Day after day I waited and wondered. One ordinary summer day, the news came in a simple little facebook message. This "thing" I had my heart set on, this "thing" that had taken over my thoughts both day and night for the previous ten plus months, this "thing" was finished. In just one sentence, I knew the results.  "It will be my pleasure to post your picture on the wall." 

 via Mr. Heninger's Wall of Amazing-All-stars
 via a cell phone


  1. I remember always seeing you come into my English class asking him for help and coming into my computer class working on English. You must have really wanted this :) I'm proud of you girl. WAY TO GO!

  2. oh jane. you are so smart. :) however, i am confused as to why that corner of your paper is not stapled..


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