Spring and Forgotten Thoughts.

First things first, it would be great if my friends would stop making me cry all the time. First, Karlee wrote the most darling post which I mentioned yesterday, and today I find this little gem. Spring is the best friend. I am going to miss her when we can't just drive to Lethbridge for corn chowder and star bucks on any given night.. because she will be across the ocean. Have you ever had a friend who lives across the ocean? It isn't exactly convenient. But that is okay but she is going on her own life adventure, and I will continue mine here. Naturally, when she gets back, we won't even have to fill each other in on our lives because I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of emails full of sidenotes and photos and absurd facebook statuses that we will send to each other as they are discovered. =) Have fun in England, Spring!

Second things. There aren't so many words for this one. But there has been this song that has been replaying in my life for about a year now and maybe I forgot about it. How could I ever forget Ingrid? But alas, it is back.

"The only way to really know, is to really let it go."

Of course, I found this. This thought, long forgotten.

"It's all going to be perfect, isn't it?"

And you were right.

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  1. I miss you so much Jane, already! Corn chowder will be there when I get back :)


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