5416.64 km. 3378.76 miles.

Today, it has been exactly nine weeks since Cody flew to Salt Lake City.
Cody is no longer in the MTC. He is officially in Puerto Rico! 
It is actually surprising how fast 9 weeks has gone. 
After three weeks in Provo, and then six weeks in the Dominican Republic, a whole lot of Spanish and a whole bunch of letters and parcels, he made it. :)

How long do yo think mail is going to take? 
Fortunately, Puerto Rico is part of the United States Postal System, so I don't have to worry about it taking too long. And since I am lucky enough to have a post office box in the US, I don't even have to worry about international mail rates. :)
 Still though. Thats kinda far away.
There is exactly 3378.759 miles between where I live, and his mission home.

It honestly makes no difference how many miles away he is. It feels the same as it did when he was in Provo.
I'm happy for him!


  1. Oh wow! That IS far. It's so great that he's doing that though!

  2. wow girl thats crazy moving around! Lets hope time carries on going quick eh ;)

  3. Alright you've inspired me to well..calculate mine and Kirby's distance! Ready? :)
    6844.741 miles from my home in STG to his mission home. And.
    7205.751 from my apt in Rexburg to there. HOLY CRAP! I thought Cody was from from you!

  4. Good luck with the next two years, girl! One of my best friend gets her boy back this summer, and I am so excited for her. Hopefully you'll have the same happy moment :)

  5. Janeen...I, like Karajean...am really hoping you get the same happy moment in less than two years as well! :) Cody asks about you and we make sure you get his letters at his request! :) Love your blog! Audra


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