life is freaking awesome.

HONESTLY. I can't even express it. I don't even know where to start. Life is perfect. 

I love my family so much. I have the best parents in the world. 
I am going to share a funny story about my daddy.
For those of you who know my dad well, you might understand how great this was because you can probably picture the whole scenario.

So the power went out yesterday at 10:30pm while I was at work. I got home around 11:00 to a completely dark house.. except for a bright light in my kitchen. Low and behold, my father was wearing one of these contraptions on his head.

Please just picture it. He was happy as a clam, reading a book, with a headlight across his shiny bald forehead.
I love him so very much. I laughed for a very long time. He then said decided to let me use it so I could get ready for bed. What a kind soul. 

My mom is the best. She lets me cuddle with her even though I am 19. She knows me inside and out. She is the best ever. She is happy when I am happy.
There is a lot of happiness in my house right now. 
My parents love me so much. :)

I love my friends. 
Today, I went to the temple for the first time in way way way way too long. I went with the institute, which was fabulous, because I got to be there with my closest friends.
Plus, one of my closest friends Ryan did the confirmations, and another friend Taylor did the baptizing. 
It is so great to see these boys I have grown up with being able to perform temple ordinances. I love life. I love my friends. I love the gospel. I love the temple.

Cody is the best. He is doing well incase anyone is wondering. He loves Puerto Rico. I actually have a friend who knows his companion. She even kissed him before. What are the chances right!

To top it off, I get to go to a fireside tomorrow night to hear Elder Richard G. Scott speak to the YSA. Ummmm.. YAY! 
I just loved his talk at General Conference. I cannot WAIT until tomorrow night.


  1. oh wow you are so lucky u get to hear elder scott!! :)

  2. Ha ha my dad uses those every night when he checks on my little brother at night!


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