life happened!

I used to check my blogfeed numerous times a day in hopes to see that someone had written a new post. Now, I have to check it numerous times a day to be sure I don't miss any. I have discovered so many fabulous blogs lately that keeping up with them all is starting to stress me out. I need one extra hour each day dedicated to blog stalking. 

Dear Blog friends. I love your comments. I love following you.
 Sorry my posts have been slightly shallow lately. I have been busy this week. Next week I will spend an excessive amount of hours in bed plotting posts and catching up on everyone.

OH and in case anyone is concerned for my well being and thought I was going to die from impatience as mentioned in this post.. and this post..

Life happened!
I got accepted into my program, and will be moving to Texas in August.
My passport came so I will be going to Florida in 20 days.
I finally got to check the mail in Montana.
Oh what a happy time I had sitting in the parking lot of that post office..
Elder Cody Clay Foggin is still my best friend. He is the best letter-writer on the face of the planet.
Be jealous.
I found out that I made it past the first round of the process of getting the summer job I want. They are inviting me back for round two. Excellent.
This all happened in 24 hours!
I'm feeling good.
Part II of job application process is a test tomorrow morning at 11 though, so I best get to it.

The last test I took was a quiz.. in American Heritage during my short stay at BYU.. 
Let's just hope I do a little better on this one...


  1. Gosh, it's like your life just started all in one day!!!!!!! This is exciting, it's like a new life. I hope my good things come soon cause I'll be waiting...... hehehe;)

    ... i just sounded like a creep there for some reason lol

  2. Are you waiting for Cody Foggin while he serves?

  3. Kat: Seriously I was going crazy about a week ago. My patience has most definitely been tested lately.. well worth it though!

    Laurel: We left it as a "we'll see what happens.." I posted about it right here.


  4. Umm I feel like having blog friends is the best ever. You go to BYU?? I definitely took an American Heritage quiz today!

  5. ohhh I'm so glad all those things you were urrrgh about the other day are all turning around!! That makes me happy for you!! :D Thanks for liking my blog, and the cute pink box haha That makes me happy too!!

  6. Lauren.. to make a long story short I went to BYU last fall.. I picked up some freak virus and had to come home Mid september... if you are curious there are some posts about my short-lived life at BYU early september haha

  7. Oh no! I just read a couple posts. Nooo fun. Hope you're doing okay now! Where did you live when you were here?

  8. Yay! Come on down to Texass!! Nothing you won't hate here, except the heat...but that's what pools are for, right? Lol =)

  9. I love your blog! I'm now a follower:)

    ps.TEXAS is the best!


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