Okay. I have been an epic blogging failure this week. I have only blogged once, and I have some serious reading to do. I am so behind in the blogging world. Its sad. I seriously have just been so tired and busy! I will quickly list some of the amazing things I have already done here in Florida.. which is pretty much everything I have wanted to since how I only have one more day here? =(

Here is my Travelblog.

It will probably be boring, just warning you.

Magic Kingdom the first night. We already hit our favorite attractions such as Pirates and Splash Mountain... and of course the fireworks. There is a new show now AFTER the fireworks. Making memories or.. let the memories begin.. or something. Incredible. Disney is magical. I seriously get tingles so easily here.
We went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.. hitting up The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Yes, for anyone out there who doesn't already know this exists.. ITS FOR REAL!! It opened up last June. Honestly it was incredible. There is Zonko's Joke shop and Hogsmeade and chocolate frogs and Ollivander's Wand Shop and Honeydukes and butterbeer  and the Portrait of the Fat Lady inside the Hogwarts Castle.. (Yes.. you can actually tour inside..) but back to the butterbeer... it actually tastes exactly how you think it is going to taste. I feel like I have officially been to Hogwarts and back this week.
We went to the Premium Outlet Mall. This was kind of a disaster day in the end because we actually didn't have a meeting spot and Chad ended up waiting for us on a bench for the same hour that Sher and I ended up waiting for Chad on a bench. Bleh. But.. there was a Victoria's Secret outlet. There was hardly any underwear and swimsuits and stuff, but there was clothes galore. I seriously got so much for so cheap. I know this just sounds so boring but it has honestly been one of my highlights this week.
We went to Hollywood Studios and watched Fantasmic which is 10984203948203948203x better than we expected.
We went to Animal Kingdom and the Epcot Center and hit up all of our favorite attractions there of course. We have eaten Turkey Legs and popcorn and pretzyls and jelly bellys until our stomachs ache, but it has been the best, ever.
We have gone to the Siesta Keys and rode the waves and I even fell asleep in the sand for a glorious hour. I am in love with the ocean, all over again.
We are spending out last day at Blizzard Beach, which I am just thrilled for. We haven't really been into the Waterpark thing our other times here. I went to Aquatica a few years ago, but I have heard such amazing things about Blizzard Beach. There are chairlifts up to the waterslides people. Hallelujah. My aching calves and blistered feet are thrilled.
Naturally, we will be spending out last night at the Magic Kingdom, because that truly is where dreams come true. =)

And.. my internet connection is horrendous so I cannot even upload some cool pictures for you to look at. Please forgive me!


  1. Sounds like you are having a BLAST! Can't wait for reality to welcome you back with open arms. ;) BE SAFE!

  2. That sounds so fun and amazing! I'm waaaaay jealous :)

  3. jealous of all of your fun!!! follow me and see what i wear every wardrobe wednesday! let's be friends! xoxo



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