Passport and Lays

First things first.
I'm pleased to say that:
 Orlando greeted me with the nicest weather I've ever experienced on my trips here. 
90+ degrees is feeling fabulous.
The airport has officially completed the renovations on the ceiling
The airport smells the same.. a hint of mildew. 
The grass is still thick. Like quack grass kinda.. only not.

Okay world. Mishap of the trip #1.
As I left my little home for the 2 hour drive to Calgary so I could sleep at my aunt's house and catch my plane the next morning, I thought to myself, "I hope I didn't forget anything.." I looked at my dad and then came to the conclusion that all I needed was a passport and my wallet and I could buy anything else that was necessary. He laughed and agreed.

The next morning I woke up early early early and was just making sure I knew where everything was so I could get through the airport check-in and security as quick as possible, and as my hand reached around the bottom of my backpack, I knew something was missing. I suddenly felt my entire body fit into my esophagus. Thats how big the lump in my throat was. My wallet was gone. I closed my eyes and remembered taking it out of my backpack at 7 eleven on my car ride to Calgary. I definitely had no recollection of putting it back into my backpack. I quickly searched my suitcase, but it was no use. I knew. I text my dad who was sleeping, I'm fairly certain, and said..
"Dad.. does my wallet happen to be in the jeep :( "
It was. 
About a million thoughts passed through my head.
Some from.. who needs money anyway...
all the way to.. I'm stuck in Calgary when Sher and Chad are at the Magic Kingdom and I'm never going to make it there..
Oh wait. 
Thank goodness I had my passport.
The taxi was already outside, and ever so generously, my uncle paid my cab fare. I didn't even have a quarter. 
I get really nauseous in airports and on airplanes... especially early in the morning, so there was no way I could eat breakfast. Not to mention I didn't have time. Bleh. 
But during my two hour layover in Houston by 2 in the afternoon..., I was hungry. 
Everyone was eating. And to top it off, the lady sitting across from me decided she wasn't hungry and threw away her meal. 
So wasteful. I remembered that at that stupid 7 eleven that cost me my wallet for the trip, I bought a bag of Lays Salt and Vinegar chips and only ate half the bag. 
I opened my backpack and found a half a bag of smooshed S&V chips calling my name.
So good.

I eventually arrived in Orlando where my sister and brother in law picked me up at the airport holding two fibre bars and a mountain dew. They are the greatest.

Apparently you can email money. I emailed my trip savings into their account this morning and took out the cash. No problemo.

The first thing I learned this trip, is the only thing you need to travel is your passport.
And a half a bag of Lays S&V chips.


  1. You would forget your wallet! Way to go girlie. :) Miss you! Hope you're having a BLAST!

  2. chips. gotta love em =)

  3. I am so jealous, my boy is sering in orlando Florida mission, not only that, it is my happy place on earth!!

  4. super cute post. vacations are so exciting its hard to remember everything :) xoxo


  5. yay for FL! and s&v chips are my favorite :)


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