My best friend Steph decided to up and leave all of us this summer. Kidding. She had a good reason. But she is gone. And I am so sad.. do you want to know why? 
Well, she got a one way ticket. Who does that? She doesn't know when she is coming home. I may or may not never see her again. Steph isn't supposed to up and leave. Steph has been my best friend for just so long. Here are a few things that remind me of Steph.. or reasons I am going to miss Steph.. or just things about her. You know.

Fried Chicken = Fricken!
the heavy metal ball
my nose being a teddy bear
how we watched all 238 episodes of Friends together
Nancy Drew
I have bad news....
Happy, happy, happy, look at Miss Jodi..
how much she loves J.B.
The sing-a-long at the end of the other version of the Justin Bieber movie
how she bought me Gilmore Girls for my birthday
how she's always with me when I run red lights
How she is so obsessed with the ShayTards. I'mma start having to call her StephTard I think.
how no one can figure out her phone except for her..
how she could pick any phone in the whole store for free and she didn't pick an iPhone or a Blackberry, but some weird phone that I had never seen before because likes to be different.
He may or may not have the biggest calves I've ever seen...
Recess card games
the time she got me the best Christmas present ever and everyone was jealous
the time I got soo sick in Fairmont and she went swimming without me
she knows how Cody really sprained his wrist last summer
her signature dance moves at J High dances
when she bought me the movie. "He's Just Not That Into You".. she says it was unintentional. I'm positive she had ulterior motives. =)
how she dances with her mouth open sometimes
her love of Barqs rootbeer
how she used to hate reading but then she fell in love with Marcia Lynn McClures romance novels
because she just be so chill all the time
JBC and an order of nuggets
 how my dad thinks she doesn't ever eat
how she orders caesar salad whenever we go eat anywhere
how she went to every single one of her brothers games this year. she's the best older sister
how she'd ditch out on hanging out with me to hangout with her niece. she's also the best auntie
how she left her friends and her summer break to help her sister while she recovered. she's also the best younger sister.
how she says she just stayed home in the fall to do nothing.. but because of that decision, she is also the best daughter.
how she woke up at 2am to skype with Karlee, Kate and myself during our campout in my backyard.
how she says she doesn't have a job and  has no plans, even though she does.
how she genuinely doesn't care what people think. and i learn from her.

I could go on and on but I'm afraid it's almost by bedtime. Yes. I still go to bed early.
I hope I got my point across. Steph is my favorite. I miss her, and even though I don't know if I will see her again before I move to Texas, It's okay that she left me this summer.


  1. Marcia Lynn Mcclure is the BEST EVER.
    And I'm sorry she's leaving you. My friends leaving me in a month and I'm gonna be feelin' whatever you are... Lame-o friends.

  2. Shes also the best cousin ever :) I'm happy you did this post. I miss her also :(

  3. YES!! i finally got a blog post dedicated just to me. :)
    but really. i miss you too.
    thank you for this lovely post! being your best friend is the best!
    maybe i'll just have to make a detour to texas on my way home back to canada! yes!


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