more please.

Today was perfect. The sun was shining and I didn't even have to work.
I was able to get lunch with my long lost friend Spring.
I also had five cent candy thanks to Spring.
I talked to my mom on the phone for an hour. I miss her.
I suntanned.
I made decisions. 
I had dinner with my dad.
I saw a play.
I [briefly] skyped with my other long lost friend Ryann. 
And. I did something I have not done for a very long time.
I read a lovely book. {The Wednesday Letters. Read it.}
More days like today would be just fine I think.

Sidenote: I think Mark possibly fixed my facebook.. He must have seen my post.


  1. I'm embarrassed that I comment SO much, but I had to say that I loooove the Wednesday Letters. I just maybe cried a bit. Maybe.

  2. I'm very long lost. I will give you a raincheck!

  3. OMG. The Wednesday letters!
    I wrote about it in my blog a while back..
    I absolutely LOVED It.. Top notch don't you think?

    Hope you loved it too!

    xo, Josabet.


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