ohh its a lovely Monday for Mussiiiicccc

Well. It's Monday.
I have been song hunting. =)

If you like Country:

Not country.

Okay and Carson showed me a song which I loovveeeeee now.
Props to him.

Okayyy and my favorite song for Music Monday is.
Drumroll please.

Of course he wins.

sidenote I: I love Joshua Radin .so.so.so.so. much.

sidenote II: If the whole blogosphere joined in on Music Monday the world would be a more musical place.
And then I could find more music to listen to.  
Think about it. The end. 


  1. thank you for providing my work day with amazing music. i couldn't agree more... music monday is a fantastic idea and trust me my blog will feature it now! make a button and let's get this musical blogosphere going!

  2. joshua radin is amazing. it's as simple as that.


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