Who does that blondie look like friends?
Becky? Anyone? Kinda?
Well. I stumbled across this and it got me thinkin.

I love Becky.
Here is a real picture of us.
And yes we are wearing vests and cross ties and this is like five years old.
Don't judge.
We look good.

Beckshank. And yes, I came up with that.
Becky and I have been friends since about grade three if I can remember correctly.
Sometimes we did silly things like build forts in my bedroom
and watch mouse hunt.
That part where the man falls out of the coffin and lands in the sewer?
Horrible.. now that I think of it.
but once upon a time, nothing was funnier.
Becky was always shy when you first met her..
but then.. she was not.
We made a giant ball of tape, incase you were wondering.
I remember in grade three we used to sit by each other and I would always wear her blue sweater with the little flowers on it?
And she would share her pretzyls with me because I was always hungry.
I also remember going out to her house and being scared of her dog. She would throw snow in the air to distract the dog (I cannot remember the name for the life of me.. Sorrryy!) so I could run past.
Such a good friend to my eight year old self.
I also remember throwing a ball up and down the stairs at her house for house and hours on end.
And I also remember in grade seven we would sit by each other in science.
She made a basketball court structure at Katy's house once while Katy and I made a bridge.
I do not remember anything about that day except for we had a lot of fun and had a lot of sugar.
Becky always had good snacks.
We went to Choir provincials together and stayed in a room with Karen and Katy.
That was such a wonderful time..
until we all got sick.
Well, we got older. 
During that, we went out separate ways.
Graduating does that.
I decided to follow Becky though.
She decided to let me live with her in Texas.
I am so freaking excited.
Because it is Becky and she makes me laugh.

In just thirty four days. I will be moving right into this girls apartment.
I.Can't.Wait. =)

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