K x2.

I'm really glad Kate exists because:
1. She gives me part of her lunch when I don't have one.
2. She thinks headless skunks on the road are as hilarious as I do.
3. She eats weird food.
4. I'm not sure anyone else would listen to me rattle on in circles about the same thing for as long as I did today.
5. She doesn't judge me for being stupid sometimes and I know anything I say will actually stay between the two of us.

I'm really glad Karlee exists because:
1. She makes really good food and let's me sit and watch her make it, and then lets me eat it.
2. She is the biggest sweetheart ever.
3. She is going to cook things and then let me pay her to pretend I cooked them.
4. She is so motivated and such a hard worker and she doesn't procrastinate. I'm pretty sure I did well in high school because of her.
5. She is steady. She knows what she wants and what she believes and doesn't change.

I'm not intentionally leaving anyone out, because I do have many best friends and I love them all, but I spent this weekend with mostly these two girls and I decided I needed to write how much I appreciated both of them the past couple days. Thank you both for being so understanding. =)

{sidenote} There are more than five reasons I am glad these girls exist.


  1. Jane I just love you so very much. Im really gonna miss you when you leave for texas! I miss Kate too! Did she get new friends??? I need to see her lol.

  2. aw jane! this is adorable.
    and no karlee, i did not get new friends. i miss you.


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