today today today.

I wrote a post earlier? People might have already read it.... but I think it was taken the wrooonnggg way so I'm going to work on re writing that so no one else is confused. okayy?

Today. I didn't work.
Today. I woke up early anyway.
Today. I did my laundry.
Today. I finished all my homework.
Today. I played cards with my family.
Today. I lost horribly.
Today. I thought about writing Ryan a letter but I don't know his MTC box number. Anyone?
Today. I wasted a lot of time.
Today. I miss Codyclayfogginawholelot.
Today. I caught up with Ryannnnnn finally.
Today. I didn't even nap.
Today. I went visiting teaching.
Today. I sneezed too much.
&& it was a good day. =)

Uhh and I just think this picture is hilarious and I will be doing this sometime very soon. Hahahahahah.

Oh. and today is Music Monday. =)
I like these songs todayy..

Country lovers:

Something new to listen to:

For today: =)


  1. Check ryan Facebook.

  2. YAY! We sure did FINALLY catch up. Hahaha. It took a few tries though. ;)


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