This summer is odd.
No Big Deal...
I have a routine...
and my life will remain exactly how it has been for the past whoknowshowlong{predictable}.
Which is fine.
I wake up{early}.
I work. 
I do my homework{sometimes}. 
I catch up with my parents.
I take a nap.
I visit with friends.
I go back to bed.
I watch a movie until I fall asleep.
Oh, and Tuesdays I drive to Montana.
Okay, so I brush my teeth and stuff too. I just didn't want to get too many details. 
Long blog posts look overwhelming sometimes.
I like life just the way it is.

PS.  I'm leaving in thirty days. =)
PPS. excuse my nonsense post.


  1. I love your nonsense posts :)
    and I love it cuz you leave in 30 days, and I leave in 34 days :) I just love how our lives are the same in so many ways :)

  2. redo my blog. now.
    i like this happiness you have going on.


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