Music Monday Button.

As some of my readers know I started doing a post every Monday with the theme of Music Monday.  I pick a lovely song to share with the blogosphere. Yesterday, a blogfriend left this comment.

I have never made a button before, so a button I have now made
 and it looks like this.
Find it on the sidebar of my blog!
If you want to join Music Monday, here is your chance. =)

IMPORTANT COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: I did not come up with Music Monday. I have seen it on many blogs, but never did see a button to grab. I am not taking credit for coming up with the Music Monday theme. I simply created a button that my blogfriends could use. Whoever was the original Music Monday inventer, I give them full credit.

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  1. i like this idea! and i like that you have a picture of you on your blog... finally! and i got the student loan form. thank you so much!


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