You know what's odd?
It's July 9th. 
Cody is 21% done his two years in Puerto Rico.
Five months.
150 days.

Almost 1/4. 
Over 1/5.
Oddddddd. Time goes faster every day.

But there is something else that is odd.
You see. Cody is lost.
Yep. No idea where he is.
I have never been to Puerto Rico or anything
 so I guess I never "know" where he is exactly..
But at least I normally have a name of a place.
Or an address?
Lemmmee explain.
Cody got transferred to a new area last Wednesday. ...
but all he knew when he emailed home was that he was getting transferred.
It's odd.
I don't know where he is.
San Juan?
Back in Bayamon?
.. or like. the Virgin Islands?
Africa? (it could happen)
I just have no idea.
Does anyone else out there know?
I guess I'll find out Wednesday.

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