for the love of energy.

I hate chemistry. I couldn't pay attention in the class.. when I actually went, and I am convinced if it wasn't for Katy and Malarie, I would have failed painfully. I took the class early because I wanted to get over it, and never wanted to deal with it again, and to be honest, I didn't think about it again until about a week ago. So discreetly, I was re-introduced to a phrase that rang a bell. Now, this is not the phrase exactly.. but the end of it was.. "..can be neither created nor destroyed.." So I think to myself. I learned this somewhere. Where did I learn this? Of course. Chemistry class! I was still frustrated to be unable to complete this sentence, so I googled it. Excuse my science lesson. I'm not usually like this, but I found this rather fascinating. This is what I learned..

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. It can only change forms.

[ Isn't that a beauty? Energy is just.. there. No one makes it, fakes it, or takes it. You can try, but theres just no way. ]

In any process in an isolated system, the total energy remains the same.

[ Too wicked. So if you leave it alone, with nothing else in the way, without letting the surroundings interfere, nothing to steal the energy, or borrow the energy, or move the energy or delay the energy,  just let it be, the energy will remain the same. I think i'll keep that in mind? ] 

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed; rather, the amount of energy lost in a steady state process cannot be greater than the amount of energy gained.

[ That's sort of reassuring. Actually, really reassuring. No matter what, you won't ever lose more energy than you gained. Guess theres never anything really to lose when it comes to energy, is there? ]

I may or may not have found this overly-fascinating. Maybe if I would have paid better attention in Chem, life wouldn't be so complicated? Everyone in the world probably already knew all this information, but I'm afraid it went in one ear of mine and right out the other. And I'm bored and actually miss learning? 

I promise I'll never talk about science again.

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