So. I guess I'm going home?

Ask me how I feel about that?

: Well, I am tired of being sick here, and I am tired of not being able to see my own doctor and having to worry about getting to and from appointments, so I guess home is a good option.
: Well, I do miss home a little bit.
: Well.. no. I just can't?
: I do miss my bed?
: Please wake me from this nightmare. I am just starting to love it here?
: I'd rather not think about what that means. Cardston? .. again? hmm..
: Well, no thank you? I'll just stay right here please..
: No comment.

I guess I don't have a choice..

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  1. on the bright side... stephy will be there with you every day helping you get better. i propose a good couple 200 chick flicks might do the trick?? yes?! well maybe not cure you.. but i'm sure it will help? :)


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